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Our Story

Thanks for stopping by!

Henna Shoppe is a lifestyle fashion boutique that sells bohemian beauty for you, your home, and your environment.  Aside from our in-store Henna services, we also carry trend-setting clothes, smudging supplies, crystals, jewelry, mugs, notebooks, incense, tapestries, soaps, bath teas, you name it.  Much of it is hand made from local artists and artisans.  If it makes life more beautiful, you’ll find it at the Henna Shoppe. We have launched online to get closer to you, wherever you are! 

Are you in Phoenix, Arizona? 

If you are here locally in Arizona, come visit us at any location to receive henna which is a temporary body art! It is a great way to express yourself in a unique, one of a kind way.  Some of our locations also do eyebrow threading and tinting, call us to find out which one! From eyebrows, to henna, to tapestries, to clothes, to coffee mugs.  We help people, and their spaces look beautiful. 

Our Founder

Our founder, Neelam, was born and raised in India. She has always been both, an artist, and an entrepreneur.

She started her first business at a young age importing tea and distributing it to local chai vendors in her neighborhood.  At the same time, born with art in her veins, she was constantly creating with anything she could get her hands on, pencil, paint, even saw dust.  Growing up and trying to reconcile these 2 passions, she was regularly told there was “no money or future in art.” 

Because of those words, she moved overseas, got a degree in business and accounting and worked in a mortgage company. However, it was clear this wasn't her path.  Looking for artistic outlets, she began doing henna at local events. Then pop up tent fairs. Eventually, she started making candles, painting rocks, importing backpacks, and carrying local jewelry.  

Soon, after enough people asked if she had a store anywhere, she took the plunge.  Finding the perfect location near ASU campus, she opened the first Henna Shoppe in 2012.  It was TINY!  Barely bigger than her pop-up tent!

It wasn't long before other henna artists started asking if they could work for her.  Local artisans asked if they could sell their products in her store.  She quickly realized, this could be a place that helped all kinds of artists and artisans shun the words, “there isn’t money or a future in art".    She was determined to create a place that helped artists make a living doing what they truly loved.  

So, with multiple locations in Arizona, and one e-commerce store later, she is still working hard to provide a provide a place that connects those seeking beauty with those who create it.