100% Golden Brown Natural Henna Hair Color Powder - 100g


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These products are a 100% herbal formula, 100% natural.  Every ingredient on the package has a corresponding plant photo.  

Suitable for both men and women, henna based powders are known for their hypoallergenic, antibacterial, conditioning, and protective properties.  Henna powder is combined only with herbs known for therapeutic properties.  

Color result may vary based on existing hair color and varies from person to person.  Always apply on dirt and oil free hair. 

Note: Do not use shampoo or soaps on hair for at least 48 hours after application.  Wash with water only.  Color can take up to 48 hours to fully mature. 

Quantity required for various hair length :

  • Short Hair:  50 g
  • Shoulder Length Hair: 100 g
  • Below Shoulder Length Hair: 150 g
  • Up to Waist Length Hair: 250 g

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