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  • DIY Henna Kit
  • DIY Henna Kit
  • DIY Henna Kit

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Learn to make your own henna!
Ignite your creative spark!
  • Learn the centuries old art
  • Host a DIY henna party
  • Give as unique party favors
  • Each kit Includes everything you need
  • Pre-measured
  • Step by Step instructions


The powdered leaves of the Henna Tree (Lawsonia inermis), has been used for centuries to provide a natural redish brown dye.

Throughout the ancient world, this deep red color is believed to be a sign of good luck. As such, it is often used to produce beautiful intricate designs on the skin for both fashion and blessing.

These kits provide all the 100% natural ingredients needed, in pre-measured quantities, to make your own henna cones. With step by step instructions, you’ll be ready to test out your creative henna-ing skills!

Natural henna leaf powder, eucalyptus oil, water, sugar


Allergy Notice: While very rare, as with any natural / plant product or oil, allergic reactions may occur. These typically appear as itchy red bumps and may be treated as any other allergic reaction rash. Ex: Anti-itch / cortisone creams. Consult a doctor.

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