Tips for achieving the darkest and longest lasting color

  1. Use alcohol or makeup remover (not water) to remove any lotions, sunscreen, or makeup from the area henna will be applied.
    • These substances are designed to create a barrier and can interfere with stain transfer.
    • Direct contact between the henna paste and skin is best for deepest darkest color.

  2. Allow the design to dry fully. 
    • It will start to crack and flake.  This is normal. 
    • Typically this takes 15-30 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.  
    • Don't try to make it dry faster.  The longer it's wet, the more stain can transfer.

  3. Leave paste to fall off naturally. 

  4. Scrape off any remaining paste after 4-6 hours with fingers. DO NOT USE WATER!

  5. Try to keep design out of water for 24 hours (especially pools / chlorine).

  6. If you must shower or get design wet within 24 hours:
    • Rub an edible or natural oil (olive oil, shea butter etc) on design first.
    • Avoid scrubbing your design and try to wash around it.

  7. The henna design will appear light or orange in color when the paste is first removed.  The stain will continue to mature, and darken over the next 48 hours.

Note that the body has many different skin types.  If your design spans across multiple parts (such as palm to wrist to forearm), the color will vary in intensity across the different body parts.  


P.S. Remember to share photos of your henna with us!  Post them up :)